Law Office of Kevin A. Pollock LLC

At the Law Office of Kevin A. Pollock LLC, we are dedicated to assisting our clients with complex and routine legal issues in a professional and cost effective manner. It is our goal to ethically and effectively help individuals and small businesses plan for the future, minimize their taxes and achieve their goals. Attorneys at our firm are licensed in Florida, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

Snow Bird Estate Planning

With offices located near Princeton, New Jersey and Boca Raton, Florida, we have a heavy focus on estate planning for the snowbird clientele. Many of our clients have residences in multiple states and multiple countries. With an emphasis on minimizing taxes and the hassles of the probate process, our attorneys and staff are dedicated to assisting you and your loved ones navigate the complex estate laws.

Why Create a Customized Estate Plan

Our attorneys have years of experience and we have realized that each person's situation is unique. Some clients are unmarried, some have been married multiple times. Many clients have children, others have special needs children, and some have no children. A few clients own businesses, or own property with friends and relatives, or custom artwork and other collectibles. Many have residences in multiple jurisdictions while others have one personal residence. Some clients are highly motivated to minimize taxes, others find it more important to lock money up so it does not get squandered. Having an estate plan is not just about whether you are wealthy or not - it's about making sure that your hard earned assets go to the people you love and organizations you care about in a way that carries out your wishes. At the Law Office of Kevin A. Pollock LLC, we can help you accomplish your estate planning goals.

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